Emory's Actions to Address Unwanted Mail

About Unwanted Mail

On a daily basis, Emory University and Emory Healthcare receive significant amounts of unsolicited mail.  

It is difficult for Mail Services to determine whether or not this unsolicited mail is useful information to the recipient or whether it is considered "junk mail".  Therefore, the mail is delivered to Emory departments and the recipient must determine what they consider to be "junk mail" and discard it accordingly.

This unsolicited mail is wasteful and creates an administrative problem for Emory.  Simply put, the handling of this unwanted "junk mail" creates extra work for Emory students, faculty and staff and for Mail Services.

How Emory is Addressing Unwanted Mail

TrustedID allows Emory students, faculty, and staff to eliminate junk mail at work and home by establishing their own, personalized junk mail policy.  

Emory works with the Intra-Mail Network (IMN) in order to improve efficiencies related to the commercial mailings that Emory faculty and staff receive.  By partnering with IMN, Emory can eliminate commercial mailings sent to people that are no longer here, receive mail that is already pre-sorted by Emory’s mailstops, and lower administrative expenses with handling the mail.

Emory has also joined the Ecological Mail Coalition in order to stop receiving catalogs, magazine and other bulk mail addressed to former faculty, staff and students.