Emory College Students & Parents

Emory Mail Services provides mail and package delivery and shipping services to Emory University students from its retail facility at the Dobbs University Center (DUC).

Student mail folders are located in the DUC Mail Center, the central receiving and distribution point for all Emory student mail and package deliveries.

Some of the more commonly asked questions about Emory student mail include:

How do I properly address USPS mail and packages so that students receive them in a timely manner?

I need to send a gift, check or special package - does Emory Mail Services recommend a way to send it?

How are packages received at Emory and how do they get to students?

How do I pick-up my package?

Greta Ford is the Manager for the DUC Mail Center and can be reached by phone at 404-727-6172 or by email at gford2@emory.edu