Distributing Flyers to Student Mail Boxes

Emory Mail Services regularly receives requests to assist in distribution of flyers or marketing materials to Emory student mail boxes.  When these requests are received from University and student-run organizations, Mail Services will help with the distribution of this material.  Depending upon how the materials are provided to Mail Services, one of two processes will apply:

If the cards or envelopes are individually labeled with the student's name and mail box number, we can place them in the mail boxes very quickly. At that point, they are just a piece of intra-Emory mail and we handle the work within our existing processes.

If we receive flyers or unlabeled cards, it requires a different process. In that case, we need to have a Mail Services employee, working from a list that the customer provides, place the cards/flyers in the right boxes. Because it requires extra work for the Mail Services staff, we charge a $50 fee and require 24 hours notice in such instances.