Mail & Package Handling for Oxford College Students

Addressing Student Mail & Packages

To send mail to a student living in Oxford College housing, please follow the appropriate format described below, including the student's mailstop code (MSC).  Mailboxes are not assigned to commuter students.  Failure to follow proper mail addressing procedures may result in service delays or failures. 

Student mailstop code (MSC) information must be provided by the student to the sender.  Mail Services will not provide this information.


The USPS delivers Oxford College student mail to the Oxford College Mail Center daily from Monday to Friday.  Each piece of mail is sorted and placed in student mail boxes. 

Family and friends are strongly cautioned not to send cash, checks, gift cards and any other valuable items via USPS First-Class Mail without taking some extra precautions.  In order to ensure delivery of such items Emory Mail Services recommends the use of a tracking number, certified or other insured process.   The extra services are offered by the USPS and express shipping companies FedEx and UPS.


Packages arriving for students via USPS, FedEx, and UPS are received by Emory Mail Services staff and entered into the package tracking system.  Students are then notifed by email that a package is available for pick-up.

If packages are received in damaged condition, Emory Mail Services will document and photograph the damage in order to provide this information to the student should they need to file a claim with the delivery company.  In cases of significant package damage, Emory Mail Services may choose to refuse package delivery; this is rare and, should it occur, we will notify the customer of the action taken on their behalf.